Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cascarones or Confetti Eggs

Happy Easter! 

Are your older children getting tired of finding the same old hard-boiled eggs?  Are you sick of lots of left-over plastic Easter eggs with no where to put them?  Well, here's a great way to change up your holiday and make every pre-tween, tween and pre-teen WANT to hunt eggs again!  Make Cascarones!

Cascarones, or confetti eggs are an Easter tradition usually practiced in border towns and throughout the southwest.  They throw the confetti eggs at celebrations, particularly at Easter.  If one breaks above your head it's said to bring you good luck.  (Note ABOVE your head, not cracking on your head.) 


First, you blow out the egg.  If you chip out a slightly-smaller-than-dime-sized hole in the bottom of the egg, then make a small pin hole at the top, the eggs can be easily blown out. 
Wash out the eggs and set them somewhere to dry.  Next, I cover the small top hole with drydex (found at your local hardware store).  This seals the egg and makes it easier to dye without getting liquid inside.
Dye the eggs.  Again, keeping the inside as dry as possible.
Fill the eggs with confetti!  You can buy confetti or, I have my children punch shapes out of construction paper or you can use colored paper in a confetti paper-shredder.  Just make sure the confetti is small so you can easily get it in the egg.
The final step is to cover the hole.  Traditionally this is done with tissue paper or white glue.  But I've found that Avery 5160 labels work just as well!  Cut them into small squares and stick over the holes.  Ours are covered with our logo.
They make a great Easter display during the entire month leading up to Easter and cutting confetti is a great way to keep the children occupied while they're finishing their winter cabin fever.  These were so fun to make I may do a bunch for Cinco de Mayo!

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